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My Dear clients and fans of my profession:


My web site should give you the taste of art photography perfection, which is my point of interest. I'd like to suggest you that I’ll take and prepare the photos for you with pleasure. Moreover, I'm still developing my talent and skills. My place of living - Sochaczew, Poland - doesn't matter, what really matters is my ability of looking at the surrounding world, of comprehending a human, of being sensitive to beauty, the beauty of body and soul. I receive orders form the whole world and I'll always represent Poland and Polish artists with dignity. I'd like to cooperate with you, mainly because my art is unique, I possess my own impressionism style, which hasn't been duplicated by anyone, moreover, it goes straight from my heart. Maybe you'll come to a conclusion, that only I can fulfil your dreams in the way you want them to be.

Your order will be carried out with conscientiousness and care. Such activities like photographing and creative photos’ digital processing are always made by me personally. Watching my photos in art galleries, reading my references, you can easily decide, entrusting your orders to me guarantees, that you'll be really satisfied.

I lead healthy, non-habitual life, I love swimming, that's why my fitness allows me to carry out your order effectively and with energy.

Best regards,





The Letter of Reference



The City Hall of Sochaczew would like to thank – by hereby letter of reference – Mr. Karol Pruski for prepared photographic documentation of Sochaczew.


Due to the fact that this task has been done reliably, on time and in a very professional and artistic way, we contentedly recommend Mr. Karol Pruski as a professional photographer and reliable partner of local government.



Signed by Mayor of Sochaczew

Museum of Sochaczew and Battle by the Bzura River                                                                                                                                                                         Sochaczew 18, 07, 2005 r.

Plac Kościuszki 2,

96-500 Sochaczew



                                                                                                Karol Pruski


Museum of Sochaczew and Battle by the Bzura River would like to tank Mr Karol Pruski for making his photo exhibition entitled „Poles during the funeral of Jon Paul II” to Sochaczew’s society. This exhibition was shown in our museum between 02.06. – 04.07. 2005 and was received with interest.

Your Sincerely,

                                                                                               Museum Director

                                                                                               Maciej Wojewoda


Museum of Western Mazowsze Region                                                                                                                                                                                                       Żyrardów, 16.05.2006

In Żyrardów

ul. Karola Dittricha 1

96-300 Żyrardów


                                                                                               Karol Pruski


  Museum of Western Mazowsze Region in Żyrardów would like to thank  for making your exhibition  available:  “I was looking for you and now you came to me…”. It was shown in our museum between 31.03. 2006  – 14.05.2006

More than 30 photos taken on St. Peter Square in Vatican, during the funeral of John Paul II, showed feelings, emotions and moods of thousands Poles during that day.

The exhibition’s opening date was very special  – 1st  anniversary of John Paul’s death.

We appreciate the opportunity to experience and contemplate those days, and thank Mr Karol Pruski on behalf of all exhibition’s visitors.

   With kindest regards,


                                                                                                  Museum Director

                                                                                                  Barbara Rzeczycka

Karol Pruski

The man from Sochaczew, fine-art photographer, artist. For Sochaczew’s society he is mainly known as the author of unconventional, daring and often controversial wedding photos.  He is really independent person , In his atelier in Staszica St. in Sochaczew , he works alone on every process of taking and creating the photos. The reason is quite obvious – He is perfectionist and loves to work by himself on the certain photo till the end. From artistic point of view, the idea, model preparations and taking the photo are as important for him, as laboratory arrangement after it. During the interview with Karol Pruski, I realized, that he’s the person who likes talking abort his profession, who is convinced about its value, who interprets and categorizes his job very clearly. I’m also convinced that the photography is the essence of his life and that he has sacrificed time, money, thoughts and soul for it. The only

competitor of it, is ….. music – settled in the old Pruski’s house with beautiful view of the Bzura River. As the artist suggests, there are four main topics in his photography: nude, music (especially rock artists), landscapes and also the wedding photography – which actually is the main income of Karol.


”I want to take photos of the feelings, to show the happiness, joy inside

people’s souls. That’s really difficult to express emotions and show something which is immaterial, that’s why the climate, atmosphere and the whole surrounding is so important. I love to experiment on different stylistics, I use painting virtues and play with traditions of art. Just take a look at this photo, sepia – this old soul – mixed with vivid colour and here the gentleness of the emulsion which has flown down. All these actions – sometimes too technical, are strictly connected with feelings which I’d like to bring out. Karol says, that the gentleness, subtlety of taken photos by him, shows the essence of his art. And the essence of his nature in the same time. And that’s true, I’ve seen hundreds of his photos and none of them was devoid of climate, deprived of atmosphere and author’s emotions. All of them should be considered as adequate to author’s vision of beauty / sometimes so pure, so synthetic that it verges on kitsch , but still with the awareness of the artist – and also his photos should be considered as technically perfect.


Nude photos taken by me, are really far away from direct erotic of f.e. “Playboy’s”. I try to move the imagination of the people, I want them to see more, than I show in the picture. I really care about their attention and building up their associations, I don’t look for two minutes of contemplating the beauty of woman’s body only and erotic satisfaction. For sure, the benchmark for me is the classic rock music (Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix , Led Zeppelin) and I will always be faithful . This music isn’t temporary; I always explore its new dimensions of existence. The same is in photographing. I try to create the complex compositions which are full of energy and allow to find in them new values and new moods.



Karol likes to experiment. Probably any of the stylistic current photography trends and any new technology are unknown for him. He is fascinated by the opportunities to create texture virtues’ photos – the settings of relief, woodcut, sometimes icy, crystal clear surface of destroyed by time or mould of the old photography. He also likes colours, moreover, he uses millions of shades bravely and with a flourish.


I think that I have achieved in colour photography - exactly the same thing as the master of jazz musicians portraits – Marek Karewicz, who has helped me many times in Black and White photography.

I am a movie director, photographer,a musician with over 30 years of experience . I had organised 26 international photographic exhibitions. My studio(which is mobile) is located in Sochaczew.
My every work is elaborated in Adobe Production Premium CS in range of 2D and 3D animation, illustrating, photography, movie and television studio, editing. I elaborate my music in Protools, I also have 120 GB East West Symphonic Orchestra & Symphonic Choirs. I am a metal-rock guitarist. In matters of photography I am a student of Marek Karewicz. C4 Studio is a 1987 production house and recording studio. 
It specializes in film productions and postproducts • promotional films • advertising • instructional • corporate • television 
and radio programs • dubbing and sounding • 2D and 3D animation This is one of the best equipped recording studios in Poland 

C4 Studio is a team of specialists in promotional advertising from the script to the finished project. We always make a full plan. Graphic and audio studies in our studio will help you find the best promotional solutions for your company, event or product. C4 Studio is innovative projects, solutions and interesting scenarios!


With us you produce everything! Production of film, television, radio and photo sessions. C4 Studio is a comprehensive sound project on the set and in our studio. We will write the original screenplay for the film, television and radio show, advertisement script, event, business meeting, promotional event, product placement and promotion of the region. We work on top quality video and audio recording equipment and drones! (Please find the details in our technical guide here and link to the full list of equipment for studio recording and photo studio)


Full post-production in film, radio, radio, DCP files. What else we can do? C4 is 2D and 3D ANIMATION. We make animations for advertising, animated films and computer games. 
With our experience and creativity, we will create the right design for you! 
C4 Studio is a full range of photography for you! Tell us what you are expecting and we will make appropriate shots and we will take care of makeup - hairdressing. We can take pictures for you in any range. In C4 Studio you will perform professional: portrait - photos focused on showing the natural beauty of the model.

· Business portrait - photos for CV and social networking sites like Facebook, GoldenLine, Linkedin
· Belly - sessions for future mums / parents in different inspirations, session with partner
· Sessions for couples - your emotions
· Model / Model Portfolio - We will help you bring out your originality, make a natural and eye-catching photo
· Kids' Day Session - dynamic photo memorabilia and photo sessions for kids that will be fun for them!
· ACT - Artistic show of naked body in whole or fragments.
· GLAMOR - photos in lingerie: This type of session we recommend to you as a gift to your beloved.
· In C4 Studio you will also make beautiful calendars with product session, folders and other forms of visual advertising!

Best regards 

Karol Pruski

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